Do you know what it feels like to wear an award winning cosmetic product? Well look no further than LaGlam Minerals! LaGlam Minerals has multiple award winning cosmetic products in their boutique range including Australia’s number one trusted 2in1 mineral powder foundation and the latest to hold the number one title is the “Love collection” lipstick range. 2017 has been a smashing year for LaGlam Minerals and to take out top spot for the lipstick category in Nature & Health Beauty Awards was the icing on the cake!

The competition was tough and LaGLam was up against some of the best which makes us reflect on our own products and know 100% that we are providing LaGlam lovers with only the best! It would be safe to say that in order to take out top prize it’s not just about one thing it’s the whole thing… colours, formulas, consistency and longevity and boy does LaGlam have it all! Not only have we got the colours and formula to a perfect science but the price point in which this award winning product has is not only affordable for everyone but also stays competitive to our high end completion brands making LaGlam consumers the real winners!

To truly know what it feels like to wear life changing, award winning and confidence boosting cosmetics products shop the LaGlam range via the website and receive FREE shipping or head to one of our stockists where you can have a tailor made colour consult.