Step 1… To prime is the key to long lasting makeup, by priming your base you are ensuring that your makeup will last the day, your skin will stay hydrated and offer a more “finished” look. LaGlam “Perfection Primer” is light, creamy and smooth offering instant hydration upon first application. For optimum results apply under all LaGlam Foundations daily this will create a barrier between your skins natural oils and your foundation keeping you looking flawless all day long no matter what the season or event.

Step 2… Conceal it away and hide those dark circles, blemishes and irritations…
It is ideal to conceal the specific area by applying concealer ensuring that it already has a help in coverup before the foundation is applied. Don’t blend too much as your foundation brush is going to move the product a little too in the next makeup stage. Concealer helps to not only hide imperfections but it also helps to even out skin colourings such as under eye circles. The best way to work your concealer into your skin is to apply with your fingers this way the heat from your fingertips helps mould the concealer to your skin. By applying concealer you are ensuring that your skin has a more even, youthful and blemish free look every time.

Step 3… Set your face. Most people don’t see the need for a setting powder but setting powder is actually a very important product. LaGlam Minerals setting powder is like a protective veil set over the top of your makeup without altering the colour underneath. Setting powder is a silky blend of the lightest minerals with just a touch of calcium. LaGlam Minerals setting powders works wonders when applied after your foundation weather you choose liquid, cream or powder. LaGlam Minerals setting powder is exceptionally great for oily skin it helps aide in oil absorption and assists in your makeup lasting longer at its best. Setting powder always adds a smooth, matte, finish to your look and helps to soften all fine lines.

Amanda La Monica

Makeup Artist & LaGlam Founder

La Glam - Primer - 1La Glam - Concealer - Flawless - 4 La Glam - Setting Powder - Bridal Veil - 2