2209, 2017

Spring has sprung!

Spring has certainly sprung, but are you still feeling the effects of winter on your skin? As we come out the other end of the colder weather our skin can tend to feel dry and can use a little help with an extra hydration boost! LaGlam Minerals LumiGlow cream foundation is perfect for that! Not only has it got your hydration boost covered, it is a day to day dewy foundation that offers amazing coverage plus is so easy to apply…what more can a girl want?

LaGlam Minerals can obtain a professional coverage every time without spending hundreds of dollars. LaGlam is a quality Australian made product that is 100% healthy for your skin. LaGlam Minerals LumiGlow cream foundation comes with the perfect application sponge to make easy application on the go but also gives amazing results when teamed with our newest brush… The Kaboochi!

With 5 shades to choose from LaGlam has your winter skin covered.

Bondi  (Fair)

Malibu (Fair-medium)

Miami (Medium pink/light olive)

Waikiki (Medium yellow tone)

Bora Bora (Olive)

malibu KaboochiBrushLaGlamHeroImage2

1408, 2017

What’s the white powder for…?

Ever wondered why cosmetic ranges even had a setting powder, I mean what’s the point? Well a good setting powder in my opinion can make all the difference, particularly if you have an oily skin type. Basically it’s to keep your foundation on your face!! No matter whether you prefer a cream foundation or a liquid foundation setting them is key to keeping them put. Everyone’s skin produces natural oils and that combined with weather can cause your foundation to “slide” and can leave you bare faced sometimes by lunch time. By using a setting powder this will help ensure that your foundation whether powder, cream or liquid will stay intact and helps to eliminate shine, buff it on over your foundation to set your makeup for long wear. A good quality setting powders offer a soft satin finish on the skin and also helps to soften fine lines and enhance features with its natural, sheer & translucent appearance while keeping oil at bay!

LaGlam Minerals Bridal Veil Setting Powder is a feather-light finish that adds a sheer touch veil  to your skin. LaGlam Minerals Bridal Veil is an especially good product for those with an oily complexion it gently absorbs oils keeping your face shine free and flawless and looking as good as it did when you first applied!

Setting Powder


2206, 2017

Searching for your perfect match… ?

LaGlam Minerals has all of you beauties covered no matter what skin type or tone! LaGlam Minerals provides many options for every woman with three foundation types to choose from and available in six different shades.

Group2in1FoundationFor all oily skin types LaGlam Minerals 2in1 powder foundation is the best fit for you. This award winning foundation can be applied wet or dry and either way this foundation is sure to stay and help fight the effects of oiliness on the skin and help prevent that ‘shine’. LaGlam Minerals 2in1 powder foundation comes in six shades to choose from. *Colour guide below.

Bondi 01 LumiGlowFor normal/combination skin you can choose from either the 2in1 powder or the LumiGlow cream foundation and mixing the two together would be a match made in heaven. Use the LumiGlow cream foundation as your base then apply the 2in1 powder on top concentrating on your t-section, this is the area that tends to ‘shine’. LumiGlow cream foundation comes in five shades to choose from. *Colour guide below.

FotofinishFor dry skin types LumiGlow cream foundation is ideal as it offers a gorgeous dewy base when applied as a stand alone foundation but can also easily achieve a matte look by applying the Foto-Finish pressed powder over the top!Foto-Finish pressed powder works wonders when applied in conjunction with LumiGlow cream foundation but can also hold its own as a stand alone pressed powder foundation that helps minimise pores and give a smooth finish. Foto-Finish pressed powder comes in four shades to choose from. *Colour guide below.

Match your tone guide below…

  • Bondi foundation (Fair)
  • Malibu foundation (Fair-medium)
  • Miami foundation (Medium/light olive/pink undertone)
  • Waikiki foundation (Medium yellow under tone)
  • Bora Bora foundation (Olive)
  • Copacabana foundation (Dark, Great for contouring)
806, 2017

Is your makeup winter ready?

Winter makeup is warm and adds colour to lift the face through warm plum or deep red lipstick, this year we will also see brown tones making a comeback not only on the eyes but lips too as the trend moves towards earthy, natural tones.
We must also remember to care for our skin during the cooler months when our skin in exposed to the elements and can become dehydrated. Using a cream foundation is key for a hydration boost and one with sunscreens is great for day to day as we’re still exposed to UV rays during winter but particularly for those on the ski slopes! This along with a highlighter or illuminate should give you a gorgeous winter glow.
A good quality lip primer is also essential to hydrate, pop one in your bag for a mid day touch up to boost your lip shade and condition!

Amanda La Monica
Makeup Artist

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106, 2017

I want to Shine Like A Chandelier!

So I think we can officially call 2017 the year of the highlighted features… so I guess you have tried every highlighter and illuminator there is on the market? Pressed powder form, loose dust form, gold tones, pink tones, yellow tones? Well the new one that is fast becoming all the rage is cream formulas. Now I know that it’s not some new invention and yes they have been around for years in cream form but over the last couple of months sales from cream highlighters have skyrocketed! This has us asking why now? I can speak for myself that once I love a product it is pretty darn hard for me to switch! I love a good old traditional style pressed powder illuminate but I must say that over the last couple of weeks I have put down the brush and powder and tried the new trend cream formulas! What did I think…well surprisingly I loved it! The creamy formula that LaGlam Minerals ‘Chandelier’ cream highlighter has is second to none, truly it is an amazing consistency. I find that on a busy morning rush to work day it is easier and quicker to use…plus is travel friendly when I’m running late. I find that blending is no trouble at all and the creaminess of the finish is to die for and grabs the light perfectly on my skin. All in all I can’t promise that my days of using my powder illuminator are gone for good but for the mean time I do highly suggest trying a cream formula highlighter I’m sure you will be pleasantly surprised!

Michel for LaGlam Minerals xx


905, 2017

LaGlam Minerals Little Pot Of Contour Magic!

Want to achieve a deep matte contour just like the Kardashians? Let’s be honest, I think half the planet is trying to achieve makeup success like that family! Or maybe they were born with those perfect illusion cheeks… not likely, it’s all in the makeup!

LaGlam Minerals 2in1 powder foundation in shade ‘Copacabana’ is the most perfect matte contour creating deep shade and unlike the “Kardashian” tribe it wont cost you an arm or a leg or a makeup artist every day at the ready! Matte contours are a favourite with professional makeup artists as you avoid that glittery shine in an area that most like to keep as a shade area, use your highlighters and illuminates for that! The best feature in my experience with using this particular product as a matte contouring tool is that it is so easily applied, creating a deeper contour and a sharp shading in the hollows which essentially is that envied shade and light illusion everyone is dying for!

So light and shade you say? With every shade there should be light and this is the product you want to apply to all those feature’s you want to “pop” like upper cheek bones, bridge of the nose, cupids bow, and arch of the brow. Try LaGlam Minerals ‘Chandelier’ cream highlighter for the perfect accompaniment…more on this product later! xx

ChandelierHighlighterLa Glam - Foundation - Copacabana - 5