Sure, we all know that you need to clean your brushes and replace your mascaras regularly to avoid bacteria BUT are your cosmetics really clean? Chemical free cosmetics are ‘Clean’ cosmetics! Clean from toxins, parabens, talcs and other ingredients that clog pores and don’t allow your skin to breathe. This can cause acne/ breakouts, skin irritations and many other skin related problems in women and men of all ages.  

Natural products generally contain ingredients found in nature and that is as natural as one can get! All LaGlam Minerals foundations are proudly 100% mineral. Keeping your skincare routine as natural as possible is the best defence against unhealthy looking skin and reoccurring irritations.

Clean and non-toxic cosmetics are better for the health of the skin. By using ‘clean’ cosmetics and drinking plenty of water you help to slow down the skin ageing process, therefore, clean mineral and natural products are a must for anyone interested in keeping skin healthy and youthful-looking.

Are you ready to clean up your makeup pouch and get that healthy fresh glow like only natural products can provide? You’ve come to the right place to find that here!

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Shop LaGlam mineral foundations

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