Hi to all of our loyal LaGlam lovers!
Id like to introduce myself to you as the resident LAGLAM MINERALS
My aim is to blog every week about our awesome COSMETIC products and
feature one each week, im here to answer questions that you may have and
would also love to hear about any feedback you might have about our

Id like to start this week by sharing in some feedback that I got in the
office this week. At the Sydney beauty and spa expo we were lucky enough
to meet a young girl who for years has struggled with bad skin, with
dryness and constant breakouts. She purchased the LAGLAM MINERALS start up
pack (which I have to say is defiitely still an old fave of mine) since
switching to LAGLAM MINERALS her skin has never been so healthy, her
breakouts are a thing of the past and everyone is commenting on how great
her skin is looking!
We here at LAGLAM MINERALS love to hear how our COSMETIC products are
giving girls of all ages the confidence to live in their own skin. They say beauty
is only skin deep, but by using LAGLAM MINERALS everyones beauty can shine
until next week…