• Luscious Lips Primer Balm


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    A good quality lip primer is essential, especially during the cooler months. LaGlam's NEW Luscious Lips Primer will not only moisturize your lips, leaving them hydrated, soft and smooth but also helps prepare the lips as a base primer for your chosen lipstick! 

    You can even wear it on its own as a lip balm as its tinted with a gorgeous hue of pink! Keep it in your handbag for a midday touch up to boost your lip shade!

    100% mineral.

    Tip: Prime your lips with LaGlam Luscious Lips Primer as the first step in your makeup routine so your lips are ready for your lipstick to be applied on top at the end of your makeover! Your lips will love you for it!

    2grams Exp 12 months
  • Perfection Primer


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    Light, creamy, smooth... complexion perfection! Apply under LaGlam Foundations for a flawless, smooth finish. 100% mineral. 30grams Exp 12 months   Tip! Allow your primer to dry completely before applying your foundation.

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