LaGlam Minerals Salon signature collection is a limited edition that’s inspired from what’s hot in the beauty industry and current trends from all continents!
Our current shades Scarlet and Vanity Fare are hot off the lips of red carpet celebrities NOW!


As she closed the envelope, she sealed it with a “Scarlet” kiss, to lure the love she so desires.
A deep cherry shade.

She’s playful, she’s sexy, admired by many… she’s “Vanity Fare
A deep shade of mulberry.

She emerged from the jungle like Tarzans’ Jane… but she’s a survivor in her own right, she’s a… ‘Glamazon
A vibrant “candy” pink lipstick.

She’s angelic, sweet and pure… unaware of her own beauty, a pastel angel so demure ‘Angelic
A nude based soft and subtle floral hint of colour.