Review of LaGlam 2in1 Wet/Dry Foundation

I wore my 2in1 the other day in 40deg heat and it did not move once, even lasted through my hot flash moments. I can't believe this miracle formula!!!

Review of LaGlam 2in1 Wet/Dry Foundation2020-11-24T14:16:48+11:00

Review of Concealer Flawless

By far the easiest concealer to blend into my creases that I have used. I need to stockpile this pot of gold!

Review of Concealer Flawless2020-11-24T14:13:24+11:00

Review of Luscious Lips Primer

After using this little pot of gold twice my lips have never felt better. I bought it mainly for my dry lips to help stop the cracking and it has done so much more than that.

Review of Luscious Lips Primer2020-11-24T12:57:44+11:00

Review of Salon Signature Limited Edition

Just received Pinky Promise lipstick over the weekend and it is now my new favourite shade to wear, I wore it casual during the day and then went to dinner at night and I got so many compliments!

Review of Salon Signature Limited Edition2020-10-27T14:23:26+11:00

Review of Lumiglow Cream Foundation

In love with this product. I’ve been using this for years as recommended by Amanda. The best foundation on the market by far. Thankyou

Review of Lumiglow Cream Foundation2020-08-12T15:28:41+10:00

Review of Colossal Lip Pencil

The colossal lip liner is my new everyday staple, I love to use it as a lip crayon where I use as if it is my lipstick the colour is perfect for my day to day life PLUS my lips have never looked so good.

Review of Colossal Lip Pencil2020-08-04T12:01:08+10:00

Review of Salon Signature Limited Edition

Every time I wear my LaGlam Glamazon lipstick shade I always get so many compliments, It has become my most worn shade out of my lipstick collection that I have. I Love it.

Review of Salon Signature Limited Edition2020-07-28T12:31:37+10:00

Review of LaGlam Gold Collection

Received my Foxy lipstick in the mail and have instantly fallen in love with the shade! It compliments all my looks from Friday night drinks with the girls to a Sunday afternoon picnic with the family. LOVE

Review of LaGlam Gold Collection2020-07-21T13:36:54+10:00

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