How do I choose the right shade for my skin?

Choosing your correct foundation colour to match your skin can be difficult. LaGlam Minerals has a guide on how to choose your shade on each foundation page. If you need extra help, LaGlam Minerals is here to assist you. LaGlam Minerals has a live chat through the website or Facebook page. There is also a toll-free hotline 1800 524 526 (1800 LAGLAM) available Monday-Friday during business hours where you can talk to our friendly consultants about choosing your perfect shade.


Will using a cream foundation cause me to break out more if I’m already prone to breakouts?

LaGlam Minerals LumiGlow cream foundation is made with only natural ingredients, so you shouldn’t break out. Although if you have skin that makes a higher production of oil or tends to breakout, LaGlam would suggest trying our 2in1 powder foundation which is a more compatible option for your skin type. If you prefer the feel or the application of a cream/liquid foundation we suggest that you mix the 2in1 powder with a drop of water in the lid, this then creates a cream/ liquid application while still holding the benefits of a powder.


Will I be the same shade in the pressed powder or LumiGlow foundation as I am in the 2in1 foundation?

There may be slight variations in LaGlam Minerals foundations due to the different consistencies, Colours may vary from pressed to loose to cream, and sometimes even within the same product. Being 100% natural mineral, this is unavoidable. Your select shades could differ by visual comparison, although once applied your shade would be the same.


Why should I use a primer?

Primers create a layer between your skin and makeup. LaGlam Minerals Perfection Primer helps your makeup last longer, smooth your skin’s surface, and even out your skin tone by filling fine lines, wrinkles, and over-size pores (but not clogging them!). It is recommended to use LaGlam Minerals primer underneath LaGlam Minerals foundations to reap the full benefits of both products being 100% natural and good for your skin.


What brush best applies each foundation?

LaGlam Minerals short Kabuki brush is the perfect brush to apply LaGlam 2in1or Foto-Finish powder foundations. Its dense structure is best to achieve an even application ensuring that the product is perfectly blended onto the skin and also help prevent product wastage. LaGlam Minerals long handle Kaboochi brush is designed to apply LumiGlow cream foundation like a professional with its short dense hair creating a well-blended, airbrushed finish every time and helps prevent product wastage.


How do I know what foundation type will work best for my skin?

When it comes to choosing the right foundation for the right skin type many things can come into factor. Although as a rule of thumb a good guide to go by would be… if you are prone to breakout and have a naturally oily skin type LaGlam would suggest trying the 2in1 powder foundation. This will help fight the natural shine that your skin produces without blocking and clogging your pores, the ingredients in the 2in1 powder foundation will also help you combat breakouts with its naturally soothing ingredients. If you have more of a dry texture to your skin LaGlam suggests you try the LumiGlow cream foundation, this will create a dewy and hydrated finish to your skin. If large pores are a concern for you, LaGlam suggests you try the Foto-Finish pressed powder foundation which can be worn on its own or over our other foundations. If you would like to discuss what products may work best for you please don’t hesitate to contact LaGlam on the toll-free number, 1800 524 526.


Why do you need setting powder?

LaGlam Minerals Setting powder will help hold your foundation in place. It will reduce shine and is like a blur over fine lines. Most women use setting powder to absorb excess oil that their skin can naturally create making setting powder a very powerful product for someone with oily skin. Setting powder can also be used for touch ups throughout the day but is often only needed to be applied when initially applying your makeup to last the day.


How to choose between pressed powder or loose?

It really comes down to personal preference, LaGlam Minerals pressed powder achieves a radiant glow whilst minimising pores and LaGlam Minerals 2in1 loose powder foundation offers the versatility of a powder or liquid in one product while ingredients help to soothe and settle problem skin.  Both powders offer buildable coverage for the versatility of a natural look to full coverage.


What order do I apply my base makeup?

  1. Primer.
  2. Concealer.
  3. Foundation.
  4. Setting powder.



Do LaGlam Mineral foundations contain an SPF?

All of LaGlam Minerals foundations have natural sunscreen protection. Although LaGlam Minerals 2in1 powder foundation has been officially rated SPF20+ containing both UVA and UVB protection against the suns harmful rays and anti-ageing.


Can I use LaGlam Minerals products after skin treatments?

LaGlam Minerals contains no talc or parabens and is safe to use after facials, microdermabrasion and other skin treatments and injectables. LaGlam Minerals foundation and base products contain natural ingredients and are chemical free.


What makes fibre lash mascara different?

Fibre Lash mascara is different from other mascaras because of the formula, regular mascaras are known to thicken, darken, and define your lashes. Fibre lash mascara creates fibres with each fibre designed to cling to the lashes this creates volume and length and fullness that a regular non fibre mascara can’t achieve. This product is waterproof and therefore is not part of our mineral range.


How do you clean your brushes?

Add a touch of shampoo to the palm of your hand over a small amount of water in the basin. Wash your brush in the shampoo in your palm. Then dip in the water (be careful not to wet the joins). Rinse out shampoo residue under running water until it is all gone. Leave to dry flat so water does not get in the joins.


Is LaGlam Minerals suitable for males?

LaGlam Minerals 2in1 powder foundation is suitable for all genders and offers a light coverage for males to help even out skin tones and blemishes while keeping discreet. It is a buildable product so can be applied to suit your chosen coverage.


Is LaGlam Minerals tested on animals?

LaGlam Minerals is not tested on animals.


Does LaGlam foundations have Talc as an ingredient?

No LaGlam products contain Talc.


General information


Where do I find a list of full ingredients?

An ingredients list is under each product listed on the LaGlam Minerals website. LaGlam Minerals products also have ingredients listed on the packaging.


Where is LaGlam Made?

LaGlam Minerals is proudly an Australian made and owned brand.


Why should I choose mineral makeup?

Mineral make up is less likely to aggravate skin conditions and, in many cases, given the right ingredients for your concern, can actually work to calm skin conditions. LaGlam Minerals makeup contains anti-inflammatory ingredients (like zinc oxide) that are gentler on skin, calming it, leading to fewer breakouts. Mineral makeup also contains less (or no) filler ingredients than traditional makeup and does not contain nasty chemicals, which means it won’t clog your pores and allows your skin to breathe.


How long will my makeup last?

Mineral makeup, being made of natural ingredients, can change its look or separate over time, each product has an expiration date noted underneath the product on the website and on the packaging for your reference. Depending on your product purchase, desired coverage and if you wear it daily our customers find LaGlam Minerals value for money in that the product goes a long way.


How can I get more information on LaGlam Minerals?

For more information on LaGlam Minerals products please email or call toll free 1800 524 526

You can also follow us on Facebook @LaGlam or Instagram @LaGlamminerals


How do I become a LaGlam stockist?

For more information on how to get LaGlam Minerals Award winning products in your salon email or call 1800 524 526 and enquire today.