2712, 2018

Happy New Year!

It’s that time of year again, yep, New Years Eve! Its that one night of the year when expectations are so high that the night is going to be epic but in all honesty it doesn’t always deliver the way you think it will? Right? I find the most random, last minute nights always turn out to be the best!
I love to try and reinvent myself each year with my makeup choices, New Year is one of the only nights where you sort of can be crazy in your choices! I always try to do something so different to what I’ve done before. Last year from memory I think it was a super smokey but when I say smokey it was SMOKEY (sounds boring but way different and out of the box for me) and thats fine not everyone feels comfortable going out with Cleopatra style wing liner, If you are not a big makeup wearer from day to day maybe try a red lip? Such as “Vixen” or “Mistress” to pop your look!
New Year’s Eve should be fun so make your makeup fun! No matter what your plans, there is always a little twist you can do in your makeup! I am sure we are all not headed out to the club for a night full of dancing and action and I’m sure there are plenty that spend it at the family fireworks… which in my opinion is just as fun. If you are at the family fireworks or at a BBQ try and create a highlight/contour that may be more prominent than what you might ordinarily wear? Or if you never wear lipstick, maybe try a nude or a gloss?
No matter where you are what you do or how you try to revamp your New Year look we hope that you have a safe and fun filled night with family and friends and may your night end with a kiss at midnight.
Michel for LaGlam Minerals xx


1109, 2018

Beauty Expo 2018!!

The weekend that was…Beauty Expo Australia was once again here and upon us! A massive two days was spent working the LaGlam Minerals stand where the girls met many new LaGlam Lovers as well as signing up more stockists plus they got to catch up with the many many  wonderful women that flock to the LaGlam stand year after year. Thank you to you all for embracing LaGlam, not only as a brand but recognising it for what it is… an amazing product! 
On to business…product sell outs were crazy proving that lashes were the craze with the FibreLash mascara a total sell out along with the limited edition value packs, lets hope that those packs stay around for a little while longer! The packs that were available were filled with value one even had 2 foundations -AMAZING!
Once again LaGlam Minerals has cemented that its advanced technologies in their formulas are perfect in all products and 9 years in the beauty game they are still current  and in the forefront of Mineral cosmetics Australian wide.
Now for what I know is a well deserved rest and re coup of brainstorming for amazing new things to come in the near future.

Michel x


1004, 2018

Brush up on base perfection!

Tools of the Trade…Are you using the right brush?

Each artist has a different brush for each stroke, the same applies for makeup. Each brush serves a purpose, thats why LaGlam Minerals have two specific brushes designed to work perfectly with each foundation type.

First things first the much loved LaGlam Kabuki brush, this brush is likely the softest kabuki brush you will ever use. This brush compliments the award winning LaGlam mineral 2in1 powder foundations and Foto Finish Pressed Powder foundations. It is the right density for a perfect application with even consistency. LaGlam Minerals Kabuki brush evenly distributes and blends powder perfectly ensuring that there are no cake face or clumps resting on the skin.

The newest brush to the LaGlam Minerals family is the popular one of a kind Kaboochi brush, this brush has been designed to pair with LaGlam LumiGlow cream foundations and buffs the cream foundation seamlessly onto your skin. The shorter cut bristles offer a gorgeous air brush finish effect upon every application when working with the LumiGlow cream foundation.

Both the Kabuki brush (pictured left) and Kaboochi brush (pictured right) retail at
RRP $45

604, 2018

Base perfection is easy as 1… 2… 3!


Step 1… To prime is the key to long lasting makeup, by priming your base you are ensuring that your makeup will last the day, your skin will stay hydrated and offer a more “finished” look. LaGlam “Perfection Primer” is light, creamy and smooth offering instant hydration upon first application. For optimum results apply under all LaGlam Foundations daily this will create a barrier between your skins natural oils and your foundation keeping you looking flawless all day long no matter what the season or event.

Step 2… Conceal it away and hide those dark circles, blemishes and irritations…
It is ideal to conceal the specific area by applying concealer ensuring that it already has a help in coverup before the foundation is applied. Don’t blend too much as your foundation brush is going to move the product a little too in the next makeup stage. Concealer helps to not only hide imperfections but it also helps to even out skin colourings such as under eye circles. The best way to work your concealer into your skin is to apply with your fingers this way the heat from your fingertips helps mould the concealer to your skin. By applying concealer you are ensuring that your skin has a more even, youthful and blemish free look every time.

Step 3… Set your face. Most people don’t see the need for a setting powder but setting powder is actually a very important product. LaGlam Minerals setting powder is like a protective veil set over the top of your makeup without altering the colour underneath. Setting powder is a silky blend of the lightest minerals with just a touch of calcium. LaGlam Minerals setting powders works wonders when applied after your foundation weather you choose liquid, cream or powder. LaGlam Minerals setting powder is exceptionally great for oily skin it helps aide in oil absorption and assists in your makeup lasting longer at its best. Setting powder always adds a smooth, matte, finish to your look and helps to soften all fine lines.

Amanda La Monica

Makeup Artist & LaGlam Founder

La Glam - Primer - 1La Glam - Concealer - Flawless - 4 La Glam - Setting Powder - Bridal Veil - 2

1712, 2017

And the winner is…. LaGlam Minerals!

Do you know what it feels like to wear an award winning cosmetic product? Well look no further than LaGlam Minerals! LaGlam Minerals has multiple award winning cosmetic products in their boutique range including Australia’s number one trusted 2in1 mineral powder foundation and the latest to hold the number one title is the “Love collection” lipstick range. 2017 has been a smashing year for LaGlam Minerals and to take out top spot for the lipstick category in Nature & Health Beauty Awards was the icing on the cake!

The competition was tough and LaGLam was up against some of the best which makes us reflect on our own products and know 100% that we are providing LaGlam lovers with only the best! It would be safe to say that in order to take out top prize it’s not just about one thing it’s the whole thing… colours, formulas, consistency and longevity and boy does LaGlam have it all! Not only have we got the colours and formula to a perfect science but the price point in which this award winning product has is not only affordable for everyone but also stays competitive to our high end completion brands making LaGlam consumers the real winners!

To truly know what it feels like to wear life changing, award winning and confidence boosting cosmetics products shop the LaGlam range via the website and receive FREE shipping or head to one of our stockists where you can have a tailor made colour consult.


411, 2017

Copacabana… the ultimate contour this summer!

Have you ever wanted to re-create a makeup look that was created by a professional? The most crucial part is setting the base… when you have the right base the rest is easy. Always start with a good quality primer and concealer… tip always work your concealer in with your fingers to access all the right spots! Follow that by applying the right foundation for your skin type for instance LaGlam Minerals 2in1 powder foundation for normal/oily skin and LaGlam Minerals LumiGlow cream foundation for normal/dry skin types. Recognising your skin type is very important! Remember that your foundation should not give you “colour” your foundation should be the exact colour as your skin tone, always add your colour by using blushes, bronzers and highlighters. Depending on the kind of contour/ highlight you want to achieve you can either chose to do these using darker and lighter shades of foundations either cream or powder? I highly recommend LaGlam Minerals “Copacabana” from the 2in1 mineral power foundation range as the most AMAZING contour! Alternatively use bronzers and highlighters, map your face out and apply in the right areas i.e. contour under the cheek bone and highlight on top of the cheekbone. Once you have your base to perfection chose your look, either day or night will vary how you chose to do your eyes, lips and cheeks. You may want to go dramatic with a smokey eye or just add some mascara for a day time look like this one pictured here.

Amanda La Monica x

DSC04237croppedLa Glam - Foundation - Copacabana - 5