609, 2022

Oil vs Primer…

Oil vs Primer… well it’s really hard to decide which one comes out on top or even which one I personally prefer. They both have their advantages and as much as I love a good quality primer I’m finding now that my youth is slowly getting away from me and my middle ages are starting to set into my daily skincare routine, I am definitely getting some advantages of the new LaGlam Minerals Glow oil. I can definitely say that my skin is looking fresher and almost has rejuvenated itself since I started using glow oil, my complexion is glowing -I suppose that’s why it’s called Glow Oil?

We all know that a primer’s main job is to set the base and create an even canvas on your skin to help hydrate and hold your foundation, but I use a sweat and water resistant formula foundation (LaGlam 2in1 powder foundation) so I’ve never really needed my primer as a holding agent I would mainly use it just for that hydration element. Glow oil gives my skin exactly what it needs at the moment -that boost of hydration. It completely illuminates my skin from under my powder foundation. I can officially say that I am addicted to Glow oil, I use it in my morning routine before my foundation application and then three-four times a week I will apply it again at night after I shower. This may change once the weather starts to heat up but while the winter chill is still here and those August winds are around I’m finding that this is one of the better skin care routines I’ve had in a long time and my skin is feeling and looking healthy and hydrated, something that I would normally struggle to achieve in the colder months.

x Michel

Glow Oil

1511, 2021

Clean Cosmetics

Sure, we all know that you need to clean your brushes and replace your mascaras regularly to avoid bacteria BUT are your cosmetics really clean? Chemical free cosmetics are ‘Clean’ cosmetics! Clean from toxins, parabens, talcs and other ingredients that clog pores and don’t allow your skin to breathe. This can cause acne/ breakouts, skin irritations and many other skin related problems in women and men of all ages.  

Natural products generally contain ingredients found in nature and that is as natural as one can get! All LaGlam Minerals foundations are proudly 100% mineral. Keeping your skincare routine as natural as possible is the best defence against unhealthy looking skin and reoccurring irritations.

Clean and non-toxic cosmetics are better for the health of the skin. By using ‘clean’ cosmetics and drinking plenty of water you help to slow down the skin ageing process, therefore, clean mineral and natural products are a must for anyone interested in keeping skin healthy and youthful-looking.

Are you ready to clean up your makeup pouch and get that healthy fresh glow like only natural products can provide? You’ve come to the right place to find that here!

Shop LaGlam mineral foundations

Shop LaGlam mineral foundations

Natural mineral makeup

100% mineral makeup

111, 2021

Don’t let ‘Maskne’ get you down.

Does it feel like your skin is deteriorating during the COVID 19 Pandemic? Are you experiencing skin irritations that you haven’t before? With the need to now wear face masks your skin isn’t able to breathe like it once could. Face masks create a closed up environment that increases the amount of moisture next to your skin. This excess moisture can lead to breakouts and skin irritation. If you are prone to breakouts or rosacea you may find that your condition is worsened by prolonged face mask wearing. We all know that during this particular time face mask wearing is an essential part of protecting yourself from the Coronavirus but to try and combat your problem skin try to avoid products that clog your pores. Use products, particularly foundation that is “non-comedogenic” which means it won’t clog pores. Along with wearing a natural non chemical foundation be sure to cleanse and moisturise your face daily and use a soft exfoliate twice a week. LaGlam Minerals 2in1 powder foundation is non-comedogenic and made with 100% natural ingredients to help soothe and settle problem skin.


Michel xx

2705, 2020


“The lipstick effect is the theory that when facing economic crisis consumers will be more willing to buy less costly luxury goods. Instead of buying expensive fur coats and handbags, for example, people will buy lipstick. The underlying assumption is that consumers will buy small luxury goods even if there is a crisis.
When trust in the economy is dwindling, consumers will buy goods that have less impact on their available funds. It has been documented that after each major economic struggle the world has seen there is a follow on of the lipstick effect…
Great Depression, beauty was a big buy.
9\11, a spike in cosmetics sales.
GFC, sales boom in beauty.
So why the buy in beauty when you want to spoil yourself? Well quite simple… we look for affordable luxury. Lipstick\foundation is deemed an affordable feel good luxury buys. Instead of buying the luxury bag that can cost thousands you can get the same satisfaction from purchasing cosmetics at a fraction of the cost.

In Australia alone beauty is a 6.5 billion dollar industry and has findings to prove spikes in sales during an economic downturn? Globally the vanity/beauty industry booms in almost every financial crisis since the roaring ’20s. You could probably look back at the roaring ’20s as perhaps the beginning of dramatised makeup trends and also a genre of inspiration that some makeup artists still study to this day as groundbreaking for many reasons!

That brings us to COVID-19 you could argue this is maybe the “millennial’s” first crisis further proving that “the lipstick effect” has carried the beauty industry over multiple generations including our “millennial’s”. Beauty sales have spiked once again… salons were initially forced to close then retrictions were paired back to allow retail sales only and customers continued to buy retail makeup and skincare products! Our ladies of this day and age are spending just like the ladies before them! Beauty rises despite economic distress! With the final lifting of restrictions for salons soon to ease this will see beauty rise even further. When times get tough Aussies love to support Aussies and salons can expect to be super busy both with their services and retail over the coming period.

Michel Moore

LaGlam Minerals




1205, 2020

Proudly Australian!

Drum roll, please….. LaGlam Minerals has been approved to bear the official Australian Made and Owned Logo!!!!

We have always been proud to be an Australian made and owned business and applying for the official logo has been on my to-do list for some time. As we all know time gets away from us with the day-to-day and recently we’ve all had a little more time up our sleeve with self-isolation and social distancing during the Covid-19 pandemic. So finally the paperwork was done and we’ve ticked all the boxes and received official approval! We can now bear that little Kangaroo symbol, which I believe is more important now than ever!

With everything going on around the world at the moment it has highlighted the need for more Australian products rather than relying on overseas and has cemented the trust in Australian made products. Now LaGlam Minerals can very proudly be recognised quickly by Australians as Australian made and owned.

Whilst many brands are Australian owned, they often purchase their products from overseas. LaGlam Minerals is one of the few cosmetic brands that are both Australian made and owned. LaGlam products are designed to wear in our climate with a broad spectrum SPF20+ rating in our most popular 2in1 mineral foundation that is sweat and water resistant ensuring that it helps protect your skin from our harsh Australian suns UVA and UVB rays.

When you buy Australian made products it keeps Australians working and supports the Australian economy. Our Australian family thanks you for your ongoing love and support for our products!

Amanda La Monica

LaGlam Minerals Founder


2712, 2018

Happy New Year!

It’s that time of year again, yep, New Years Eve! Its that one night of the year when expectations are so high that the night is going to be epic but in all honesty it doesn’t always deliver the way you think it will? Right? I find the most random, last minute nights always turn out to be the best!
I love to try and reinvent myself each year with my makeup choices, New Year is one of the only nights where you sort of can be crazy in your choices! I always try to do something so different to what I’ve done before. Last year from memory I think it was a super smokey but when I say smokey it was SMOKEY (sounds boring but way different and out of the box for me) and thats fine not everyone feels comfortable going out with Cleopatra style wing liner, If you are not a big makeup wearer from day to day maybe try a red lip? Such as “Vixen” or “Mistress” to pop your look!
New Year’s Eve should be fun so make your makeup fun! No matter what your plans, there is always a little twist you can do in your makeup! I am sure we are all not headed out to the club for a night full of dancing and action and I’m sure there are plenty that spend it at the family fireworks… which in my opinion is just as fun. If you are at the family fireworks or at a BBQ try and create a highlight/contour that may be more prominent than what you might ordinarily wear? Or if you never wear lipstick, maybe try a nude or a gloss?
No matter where you are what you do or how you try to revamp your New Year look we hope that you have a safe and fun filled night with family and friends and may your night end with a kiss at midnight.
Michel for LaGlam Minerals xx


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