Don’t let ‘Maskne’ get you down.

Does it feel like your skin is deteriorating during the COVID 19 Pandemic? Are you experiencing skin irritations that you haven't before? With the need to now wear face masks your skin isn't able to breathe like it once could. Face masks create a closed up environment that increases the amount of moisture next to your [...]

Don’t let ‘Maskne’ get you down.2021-11-01T12:13:25+11:00

I want to Shine Like A Chandelier!

So I think we can officially call 2017 the year of the highlighted features… so I guess you have tried every highlighter and illuminator there is on the market? Pressed powder form, loose dust form, gold tones, pink tones, yellow tones? Well the new one that is fast becoming all the rage is cream formulas. [...]

I want to Shine Like A Chandelier!2017-06-01T02:27:57+10:00

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