LaGlam Minerals is truly for all ages… not only does it suit mature skin by perfecting complexion and eliminating the signs of rosacea all while being sweat resistant, it also is perfect for the everyday woman who just wants to look naturally beautiful…and believe it or not but, LaGlam Minerals is the absolute number one product for young, teenage skin. LaGlam Minerals 2in1 powder foundation contains the essential ingredients to help prevent those irritating teenage breakouts all while containing 100% natural ingredients that don’t clog and suffocate the skin keeping skin of all ages free to breathe. More importantly, LaGlam Minerals shows teenage girls just starting out with makeup to embrace their natural beauty by not masking your face in chemical foundations and products but to look glamorous naturally and still keep your skin healthy, something that LaGlam Minerals has down pat!

Did you know that LaGlam Minerals source all their ingredients from Australia? Using only the best our beautiful country has to offer! Containing the miracle ingredient for healthy glowing skin Zinc oxide.
This ingredient is a miracle in the cosmetic world working as a calming ingredient- this is the wonder worker that helps to settle skin from breakouts and rosacea while giving your skin a calming effect and is essentially a SPF! Everyone who lives in Australia knows how important this is- SPF keeps your skin protected from harmful UV rays and prevents pre mature ageing.
If you have a teenage daughter who is suffering from breakouts and doesn’t feel comfortable in her skin or even if you are just ready for a change up and want to try an Australian brand product then LaGlam Minerals is the perfect product for you! To order LaGlam Minerals is such an easy process and offers free postage Australia wide simply go to