"The lipstick effect is the theory that when facing economic crisis consumers will be more willing to buy less costly luxury goods. Instead of buying expensive fur coats and handbags, for example, people will buy lipstick. The underlying assumption is that consumers will buy small luxury goods even if there is a crisis. When trust in the [...]

THE LIPSTICK EFFECT!2020-05-27T13:58:11+10:00

Proudly Australian!

Drum roll, please..... LaGlam Minerals has been approved to bear the official Australian Made and Owned Logo!!!! We have always been proud to be an Australian made and owned business and applying for the official logo has been on my to-do list for some time. As we all know time gets away from us with [...]

Proudly Australian!2020-05-12T21:23:23+10:00

Happy New Year!

It’s that time of year again, yep, New Years Eve! Its that one night of the year when expectations are so high that the night is going to be epic but in all honesty it doesn't always deliver the way you think it will? Right? I find the most random, last minute nights always turn out [...]

Happy New Year!2018-12-27T00:36:14+11:00

Beauty Expo 2018!!

The weekend that was...Beauty Expo Australia was once again here and upon us! A massive two days was spent working the LaGlam Minerals stand where the girls met many new LaGlam Lovers as well as signing up more stockists plus they got to catch up with the many many  wonderful women that flock to the LaGlam [...]

Beauty Expo 2018!!2018-09-11T04:10:20+10:00

Brush up on base perfection!

Tools of the Trade...Are you using the right brush? Each artist has a different brush for each stroke, the same applies for makeup. Each brush serves a purpose, thats why LaGlam Minerals have two specific brushes designed to work perfectly with each foundation type. First things first the much loved LaGlam Kabuki brush, this brush is likely the [...]

Brush up on base perfection!2018-04-10T01:50:50+10:00

Base perfection is easy as 1… 2… 3!

PRIME... PREP... SET!!! Step 1... To prime is the key to long lasting makeup, by priming your base you are ensuring that your makeup will last the day, your skin will stay hydrated and offer a more "finished" look. LaGlam "Perfection Primer" is light, creamy and smooth offering instant hydration upon first application. For optimum results apply under all [...]

Base perfection is easy as 1… 2… 3!2018-04-06T00:21:36+10:00

And the winner is…. LaGlam Minerals!

Do you know what it feels like to wear an award winning cosmetic product? Well look no further than LaGlam Minerals! LaGlam Minerals has multiple award winning cosmetic products in their boutique range including Australia’s number one trusted 2in1 mineral powder foundation and the latest to hold the number one title is the “Love collection" lipstick [...]

And the winner is…. LaGlam Minerals!2017-12-17T22:15:03+11:00

Copacabana… the ultimate contour this summer!

Have you ever wanted to re-create a makeup look that was created by a professional? The most crucial part is setting the base… when you have the right base the rest is easy. Always start with a good quality primer and concealer… tip always work your concealer in with your fingers to access all the [...]

Copacabana… the ultimate contour this summer!2017-11-04T04:27:49+11:00

Spring has sprung!

Spring has certainly sprung, but are you still feeling the effects of winter on your skin? As we come out the other end of the colder weather our skin can tend to feel dry and can use a little help with an extra hydration boost! LaGlam Minerals LumiGlow cream foundation is perfect for that! Not only has [...]

Spring has sprung!2017-09-22T00:40:15+10:00

What’s the white powder for…?

Ever wondered why cosmetic ranges even had a setting powder, I mean what’s the point? Well a good setting powder in my opinion can make all the difference, particularly if you have an oily skin type. Basically it's to keep your foundation on your face!! No matter whether you prefer a cream foundation or a [...]

What’s the white powder for…?2017-08-14T00:22:02+10:00

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