Brown, Blue, Green…Hazel?? LaGlam Minerals has you covered! LaGlam Minerals Eye shadow palette is more in demand than ever this summer with the electric colours highlighting your eyes this summer!

One of the best features about LaGlam Minerals eye shadow palette is the finish it achieves when applied with  a wet brush, you will find it leaves a very true to pigment colour  that looks AMAZING as a coloured eye liner! Eyes are now something that can be worn bolder than ever and looking through fashion mags and what is not only trending in Hollywood and on the runway but here in Australia -now is the time to change your eye makeup to something perhaps a little daring?!

If you are not one of those girls that is rocking the electric look LaGlam Minerals eye shadow palette still has all of everyone’s fave neutrals -It just wouldn’t be a palette without the basics! So whether bold n bright or soft n subtle, try LaGlam Minerals eye shadow palette! IT WILL NOT DISAPPOINT!!

Until next time

Michel xx

Eye Shadow Palette