At the moment every girl, everywhere is intensifying their brow looks! Brow care is no longer just about shaping, plucking and waxing… it has evolved into its own beauty routine and rightfully so! Women now want a fuller brow just like those sported on the catwalks of the world -think Cara Delevingne or Kendall Jenner for example! With super models, actresses and teen idols now sporting the fuller brow there has been a surge in the number of brow palettes sold and where do you start right? There are eye pencils which are great to start out with, easy to apply and if your new to brow grooming I suppose it sounds easy enough? Then there is gel! Where do I start?? If you are a beginner I would steer away from gels and this look is by far the most dramatic and defined and takes practise!! Then there is my personal fave the brow shadow kits/palettes, these are a very buildable way to obtain the look that you want! Starting off light underneath the brow to make the shape you want and applying through the brow to intensify your look all while keeping it natural -I love the enhanced natural look of the brow. By using a shadow it allows you to colour your bald spots all while defining the arch, try to find a brow kit that has its own personal angle brush this way you can apply the same way the professionals do!
All in all brows are now the “must-have” makeup product and whatever you feel comfortable using it is worth the purchase! Get you brows on fleek!