It’s that time of year again, yep, New Years Eve! Its that one night of the year when expectations are so high that the night is going to be epic but in all honesty it doesn’t always deliver the way you think it will? Right? I find the most random, last minute nights always turn out to be the best!
I love to try and reinvent myself each year with my makeup choices, New Year is one of the only nights where you sort of can be crazy in your choices! I always try to do something so different to what I’ve done before. Last year from memory I think it was a super smokey but when I say smokey it was SMOKEY (sounds boring but way different and out of the box for me) and thats fine not everyone feels comfortable going out with Cleopatra style wing liner, If you are not a big makeup wearer from day to day maybe try a red lip? Such as “Vixen” or “Mistress” to pop your look!
New Year’s Eve should be fun so make your makeup fun! No matter what your plans, there is always a little twist you can do in your makeup! I am sure we are all not headed out to the club for a night full of dancing and action and I’m sure there are plenty that spend it at the family fireworks… which in my opinion is just as fun. If you are at the family fireworks or at a BBQ try and create a highlight/contour that may be more prominent than what you might ordinarily wear? Or if you never wear lipstick, maybe try a nude or a gloss?
No matter where you are what you do or how you try to revamp your New Year look we hope that you have a safe and fun filled night with family and friends and may your night end with a kiss at midnight.
Michel for LaGlam Minerals xx