LaGlam Minerals has all of you beauties covered no matter what skin type or tone! LaGlam Minerals provides many options for every woman with three foundation types to choose from and available in six different shades.

Group2in1FoundationFor all oily skin types LaGlam Minerals 2in1 powder foundation is the best fit for you. This award winning foundation can be applied wet or dry and either way this foundation is sure to stay and help fight the effects of oiliness on the skin and help prevent that ‘shine’. LaGlam Minerals 2in1 powder foundation comes in six shades to choose from. *Colour guide below.

Bondi 01 LumiGlowFor normal/combination skin you can choose from either the 2in1 powder or the LumiGlow cream foundation and mixing the two together would be a match made in heaven. Use the LumiGlow cream foundation as your base then apply the 2in1 powder on top concentrating on your t-section, this is the area that tends to ‘shine’. LumiGlow cream foundation comes in five shades to choose from. *Colour guide below.

FotofinishFor dry skin types LumiGlow cream foundation is ideal as it offers a gorgeous dewy base when applied as a stand alone foundation but can also easily achieve a matte look by applying the Foto-Finish pressed powder over the top!Foto-Finish pressed powder works wonders when applied in conjunction with LumiGlow cream foundation but can also hold its own as a stand alone pressed powder foundation that helps minimise pores and give a smooth finish. Foto-Finish pressed powder comes in four shades to choose from. *Colour guide below.

Match your tone guide below…

  • Bondi foundation (Fair)
  • Malibu foundation (Fair-medium)
  • Miami foundation (Medium/light olive/pink undertone)
  • Waikiki foundation (Medium yellow under tone)
  • Bora Bora foundation (Olive)
  • Copacabana foundation (Dark, Great for contouring)