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Happy Birthday LaGlam!

LaGlam Minerals is back in the blogesphere this month with some happy and exciting news to report!! LaGlam Minerals is celebrating 5 years of trade this November and what a ride the last 5 years have been! LaGlam has been working hard and filled in the past years with Expos, events, more stockist sign ups, [...]

Happy Birthday LaGlam!2014-11-15T22:02:40+11:00

New product Launch

Hey there LaGlam blog fans, its been as usual CRAZY around here with expos and NEW product launches! If you guys didn’t know LaGlam Minerals attended the 2014 Sydney hair expo and proved once again a force to be reckoned with in the cosmetic industry with an abundance of new salon sign ups nationwide and [...]

New product Launch2014-10-15T22:06:47+11:00

Clearing skin -one face at a time!

Hi to all of our loyal LaGlam lovers! Id like to introduce myself to you as the resident LAGLAM MINERALS blogger...Michel! My aim is to blog every week about our awesome COSMETIC products and feature one each week, im here to answer questions that you may have and would also love to hear about any [...]

Clearing skin -one face at a time!2013-11-26T05:41:55+11:00

Australian Mineral Makeup

Are you looking for a natural look that does not irritate your skin? LaGlam Minerals offers you the best Australian mineral makeup. Our products are completely natural and offer you the look you are going for with colours and shades to suit your needs. Select from our full range of products to get the shades [...]

Australian Mineral Makeup2013-04-12T00:20:31+10:00

Wholesale Mineral Makeup

Are you a business owner and looking to save money on your wholesale makeup, but don’t want to compromise your look? LaGlam Minerals has the wholesale mineral makeup you are looking for to get the prices you need while enjoying the best cosmetics on the market today. Help your skin to look great while getting [...]

Wholesale Mineral Makeup2013-04-12T00:19:34+10:00

Mineral Makeup

Are you looking for cosmetics that are completely natural? LaGlam Minerals has the solution you are looking for with great mineral makeup. We provide you with the cosmetic that are free of chemicals and preservatives to get the look you want while enjoying the restorative properties of minerals. You will not have to compromise on [...]

Mineral Makeup2013-04-12T00:17:53+10:00

Mineral Cosmetics

Does your skin break out whenever you use your cosmetics? LaGlam Minerals offers you the solution that will help to keep your skin clear even while you are enjoying the beauty that our products offer. We have all the colours and the styles you are looking for so you do not have to use any [...]

Mineral Cosmetics2013-04-12T00:17:16+10:00

Best Mineral Makeup

Do you know what is in your cosmetics? LaGlam Minerals provides you with the best mineral makeup so you will be able to look great while knowing what is going into your cosmetics. Only minerals are used to create these amazing cosmetics that will work miracles on your skin while helping you to look great. [...]

Best Mineral Makeup2013-04-12T00:13:58+10:00

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