Oil vs Primer… well it’s really hard to decide which one comes out on top or even which one I personally prefer. They both have their advantages and as much as I love a good quality primer I’m finding now that my youth is slowly getting away from me and my middle ages are starting to set into my daily skincare routine, I am definitely getting some advantages of the new LaGlam Minerals Glow oil. I can definitely say that my skin is looking fresher and almost has rejuvenated itself since I started using glow oil, my complexion is glowing -I suppose that’s why it’s called Glow Oil?

We all know that a primer’s main job is to set the base and create an even canvas on your skin to help hydrate and hold your foundation, but I use a sweat and water resistant formula foundation (LaGlam 2in1 powder foundation) so I’ve never really needed my primer as a holding agent I would mainly use it just for that hydration element. Glow oil gives my skin exactly what it needs at the moment -that boost of hydration. It completely illuminates my skin from under my powder foundation. I can officially say that I am addicted to Glow oil, I use it in my morning routine before my foundation application and then three-four times a week I will apply it again at night after I shower. This may change once the weather starts to heat up but while the winter chill is still here and those August winds are around I’m finding that this is one of the better skin care routines I’ve had in a long time and my skin is feeling and looking healthy and hydrated, something that I would normally struggle to achieve in the colder months.

x Michel

Glow Oil