Hey LaGlam lovers!

So I guess it’s no surprise to you all that I am a livid LaGlam lover!  Since switching my makeup routine to LaGlam I have never looked back… That being said there was only 1 product I wanted to blog about this week…LaGlam LumiGlow cream foundation!  With a range as great as LaGlam minerals, it is hard to pick my fave product, but I must say this may just scrape to the top of my list ever so slightly!! I am 100% a foundation and base girl I wear foundation without a doubt every day of the week so what I love about the LumiGlow is the  smooth flawless finish that it gives my skin it is never oily and I am finding that I am no longer needing to use my primer day in and day out, LaGlam LumiGlow is 100% mineral, easy to apply and I can take it with me anywhere! (The compact is perfect for my rushed mornings to work) I find that the LumiGlow is ready for my busy day ahead and is still there at the end of the day -which is very important for me especially working in the beauty industry.  I personally Like that slight dewy finish that it gives but if you are more of a matte girl you can always follow it up with the LaGlam 2in1 wet/dry powder!

So there it is!! Get some LumiGlow today you will never look back!!
Until next year…